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The Lagrange galleries were born from a desire to share a passion for contemporary art, particularly Pop Art and Street Art, with as many people as possible. We wanted our galleries to be pleasant and welcoming, in a friendly atmosphere that offers the best possible experience for both curious clients and art connoisseurs, as well as for the optimal exhibition of artworks.

We have personally met and engaged with most of the artists exhibiting in our galleries in order to establish a genuine relationship. We aim to showcase them during vernissages, live painting sessions, or any other extraordinary events, creating beautiful encounters between art enthusiasts and artists.

Through our galleries, we also offer art enthusiasts the opportunity to commission custom artworks from their favorite artists, creating a unique piece with a specific theme while preserving the artist's style and artistic approach.

Furthermore, we have implemented tools that allow businesses to display artworks in their premises.

Do not hesitate to step into one of the two Lagrange galleries to discover the wonderful world of Pop Art and Street Art, where each artwork is a reflection or a nod to today's world.

Galerie Lagrange Cap Ferret


Throughout the year, we collaborate with prestigious brands to take artworks out of our galleries and present them to the public in astonishing and captivating venues.

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