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The artworks of Arièle Rozowy, under the generic title of "Elusive Circles," summon at first glance a whole range of art history, from geometric abstraction to Op art or kinetic art. They embody the graphic purity of geometric abstraction, with their invocation of primary forms - the circle, the cross - and a minimal yet powerful use of vibrant colors.

Depth effects, subtle perspective games, elusive shadows, changing auras: Arièle Rozowy introduces a form of shifting and unstable magic, playing with our perception in an astonishing way considering the effective simplicity of the artistic process. An empty metal plate with identical circles, which could be seen as a homage to Niele Toroni if other plastic elements didn't contradict it, vibrant colored stars acting as focal points, an artwork seemingly weightless in front of the wall, a second surface supporting and completing it. More complex than they initially appear, the "Elusive Circles" multiply the parameters of perception, opening up a hypnotic field of possibilities.

Artiste - Ariele Rozowy
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