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Born in the southwest of France by the ocean, Beatoa has always seen nature as an inspiration and a way of life.

From the very beginning, a love for life has been at the heart of her creations.

As a tribute, she reinvents the positive force that surrounds us.

Beatoa blends different worlds, playfully engaging with our cultural references and giving them new life.

Having spent the last ten years in a wide variety of countries such as Switzerland, Canada, California, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Florida, Japan, and Tahiti, it is this energy that shines through her artwork, giving birth to the "Pop Surf Style".

Inviting you to join her in surfing through her universe, the artist has managed to blend the precision of detailed drawings with the power of ocean waves.

Her paintings and murals are generous, created using multiple techniques such as spray paint, acrylic, screen printing, inks, and mediums, all harmoniously coming together in a modern and abundantly colorful aesthetic style.

Artiste - Beatoa
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