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Benjamin Capdevielle is a French artist born in Paris in 1977. He graduated from MJM Graphic Design Paris and initially pursued a career in photography before turning to painting. In his studio located on the Arcachon Basin, the artist now combines painting and photography.

Influenced by Pop culture, Japanese Manga, and Street Art, he creates unique artworks and masters the stencil technique. In recent years, he has gained recognition for his highly colorful and modern paintings.

Benjamin's figurative universe is populated by iconic characters primarily drawn from American comics and Japanese manga. Instead of portraying the all-powerful image traditionally associated with heroes, his characters seem to struggle in a world filled with doubt, violence, war, greed, and pornography.

Following in the footsteps of the old masters of Pop Art and more recently inspired by Takashi Murakami, Benjamin offers a crude vision of reality through the appropriation of post-war symbols. Contaminated by what appears to be a modern "glitch" (as seen in the Mickey series), the characters engage in actions and behaviors that they once fought against.

As a professional photographer, Benjamin possesses excellent skills in structuring and composing canvases, often cutting them into diptychs or triptychs. Through a mixture of spray paint, acrylic, and collages, he depicts explosive, vibrant, and multilayered scenes that often reference urban art and elements of 20th-century popular culture.

His work draws from the collective memory of an entire generation.

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