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Benjamin Spark is a Franco-Belgian painter born in 1969. His visual language is freely inspired by popular culture, pop art, and comic book characters. In the 1990s, after a career in the web industry and a stint in New York, he decided to drop everything and pursue painting. He developed his style and began collaborating with galleries in France and Belgium. Today, he is represented all over the world. His success has been meteoric, reflecting the power of his paintings.

As an absolute fan of comic books, from the clear line style of the flat country to the American comics and the manga of the Land of the Rising Sun, Spark was nourished with superheroes and pop art as a child. He has never recovered from it.

Maestro Erro didn't hesitate to write the foreword for his monograph in 2015, recognizing Spark as his heir and one of his few artistic descendants.

Artiste Benjamin Spark
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