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Cédric Bouteiller was born in 1970, he is a painter, photographer, and graphic designer. His ultramodern works are compositions of digital photographs on brushed aluminum, enhanced with collages, drawings, tags, or watercolors covered with translucent resin. Cédric Bouteiller is a multifaceted artist... After studying visual arts and philosophy in Aix-en-Provence, he ventured into photography before embarking on a journey around the world... He returned with a wealth of diverse images, patiently awaiting their fate while he immersed himself in the world of abstract art. His encounter with Zao Wou-KI would profoundly impact his life. A true artistic love at first sight, the great master led Cédric Bouteiller onto the paths of lyrical abstraction. Tàpies and Alechinsky also became integral inspirations for him.

Later, in Arles, during long conversations with Lucien Clergue, Cédric Bouteiller developed a passion for Picasso and discovered the literary influence of Cocteau. This journey lasted for about twenty years, punctuated by artistic and technical discoveries, through a long and meticulous learning process, a methodical exploration of means and sources. Finally, Cédric Bouteiller decides to capitalize on the snapshots of his journey around the globe. He focuses on the work of materials and graphics.

Cédric Bouteiller adeptly combines digital technology and printing to elevate it to the status of an art form for showcasing iconic places like New York, Shanghai, Paris, and Marseille, or other more ordinary locations, elevated by a symbol: a feminine gaze, a tag, a sign, or an architectural element. Drawing and painting transform his photographs into artworks. Time stands still, overlaps, and blends into modernity, encapsulated within a resin frame.

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