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Liberal profession or business manager:

Leasing is a private contract that allows your company to lease an equipment asset for a specified duration and acquire it privately at the end of the contract by paying a residual amount (3% of the artwork's price!).

Instead of paying the full amount for the artwork upfront, you make monthly payments based on the initial price and chosen duration (12 to 60 months). It's important to note that this transaction is considered a rental expense and does not affect the company's borrowing capacity.

The leasing of collectible items falls under the general regime of deductible expenses from net income. This type of financing falls under the category of office decoration and furnishings, recorded under account 6068 in the general chart of accounts, provided that the objects are displayed in an accessible location throughout the lease period.



- Very advantageous taxation

- Tax exemption.

- Facilitated transmission (donation, inheritance, …)


Possibility of a 10-installment credit without charges.

Within 12 months of your purchase, you can return an artwork and receive a credit that can be used towards another artwork at Galerie Lagrange.

Whatever your situation, we are at your disposal to study your project with you and find the most suitable solution for your situation.

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