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Fanni Mayer was born in Lyon and currently resides in the Paris region. When pop meets contemporary, when nostalgia meets modernism, Fanni unveils her talent by revisiting these art forms imbued with global culture. Raised between Germany and Belgium, the French artist has always been a strong believer in multiculturalism. Her father, a painter and art enthusiast, instilled in her a love for creation. During her studies, Fanni won several drawing competitions, gradually revealing her adoration for visual arts. After studying tourism, she traveled the world and temporarily set aside her artistic pursuits. In 2018, Fanni felt the need to create again, a desire that has remained with her ever since. Subsequently, she took classes at an art school in Paris to further develop her technique and vision. Her work is rooted in an exploratory ideology and draws inspiration from her numerous travels around the world. Fanni blends collage, digital art, photography, acrylic painting, and epoxy resin, resulting in colorful, rich, and eclectic pieces, sometimes evoking a gentle sense of nostalgia.

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