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Hélène Gillier, also known as LNG, born in 1966, is a self-taught artist.

For several years, she has dedicated herself to creating 3D objects through digital machining and collaborates with artists from different backgrounds for the reproduction and enlargement of sculptures.

Naturally, she has developed her own creations linked to this technique.

She then gravitates towards kinetic art, finding inspiration from artists of the 1960s such as Yacoon Agam and Carlos Cruz Diez.

Each of her artworks offers two different views to the viewer, who alone decides the movement by choosing metal as a support. Her work is vibrant, colorful, and joyful.

The two visuals created using computer graphics are first printed on metal. She then cuts each piece into strips that are glued together to reconstruct the two original visuals, thus achieving the kinetic effect.

Her visuals depict the heroes of her adolescence, blending characters, eras, and styles against a backdrop of pop art.

Artiste - LNG
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