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Monika Nowak was born in Clermont-Ferrand into a family of Polish artists. She lives and works in Paris.

Her mother, an actress in a theater troupe in Krakow, was the first inspiration for her feminine pantheon, quickly joined by heroines from Hitchcock films, rock music, fashion, and fantastical literature.

Graduating from the Fine Arts and the Higher School of Arts and Graphic Industries (Estienne) in Paris, she worked as an Art Director for global communication agencies. The need to create for herself was too strong, and she freed herself from advertising to give life to her first passions.

Monika Nowak's creations are an exploration of her intuition: energetic, strong-willed, and independent. Through her sexy-pop heroines, she expresses a certain vision of today's woman that is both strong and fragile. Her heroines are paradoxical, contradictory, excessive, and dreamlike, gentle and wild, poetic and provocative.

The sexy-pop women who appear in Monika Nowak's works are inspired by girl culture, which turns women into sexy marketing objects. They are provocative and rebellious chimeras dressed in onomatopoeias and colors, offering a fantasized narrative terrain.

These girls who exaggerate what they are criticized for being offer their exaggerated femininity to our gaze and make us realize that freedom is not an image but a will.

Monika Nowak's chimeras are both a critique of society and a firm affirmation of the artist's fierce determination to imprint her personality in a chaotic, saturated, and obsessive world.

Artiste - Monika Nowak
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