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discovered painting at the age of 13. Self-taught, he is influenced by the great masters of painting. This insatiable creative, both sculptor, painter, visual artist, has a broad technique mastered and accomplished in the service of a flamboyant inspiration. Generous in his pictorial expression, imaginative in his sculptures, Sgarra can confuse some purists as his creativity can be both dazzling and unexpectedly posed, as well as classic. Sorcerer of matter, unclassifiable painter? At Robert Sgarra, pop'art and Fauve colorist passion are cheerfully revisited in inventive and daring works, sometimes monumental, he varies shapes and colors, according to his mood and his humor, always with the same passion that haunts him. He produced in the 90s (collage and acrylic on stone) for works and trophies for personalities such as: Zidane, Luis Fernandez, Patrick Viera, Baresi, Karpov, Pinna etc... he continued a few years later on other supports (metal, aluminum) under the influences of Pop and Street Art, As a perfect director, he dares colors to the extreme, Robert Sgarra, painter with abundant creativity, and gives us a rare creative alchemy of indefinable emotional moments .

Artiste Robert Sgarra
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