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From the 1980s, the American hip-hop movement acted like a wave in France, paving the way for a youth that would become impregnated with its codes. Zenoy is no exception to the rule. From 1988 he experimented with several tags "AWAISUN", then "TRESH" to stop definitively on "ZENOY" from the 90s. In thirty years, Zenoy has marked the urban landscape with his "graffiti" touch, tirelessly tagging his blase on the metros, trains, railways. A little help from fate, Zenoy meets a patron who believes in his talent and allows him to create freely on canvas. Rich in this experience, Zenoy integrates many galleries and today declines his work on very varied supports (Sculptures, letterbox, cobblestones, etc.). This dynamic paves the way for numerous collaborations to the delight of the artist's collectors.

Artiste Zenoy
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